HAN-BOI - SkyTeam Business Class

For the return of our trip through South East Asia (Bali, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam). We found one date, with one flight for 80,000 SkyMiles. All other dates were charging 300,000 SkyMiles! No thank you! We were able to try Vietnam Airlines 787 business class and Delta’s 767-300 business class.

Key Details:

Number of Travelers: 2

Point Currency: Delta SkyMiles

Dates: Late September 2018

Points Needed: 160,000 (80,000 per person, 1 way)

Feel Good Value of Ticket: $2,487

Real Value: ~$1,800

What’s a “Feel Good Value”? Feel good value is the retail value of the flights booked (as searched on Google flights at the time of booking in the class of service). Why does it feel good? Cause its crazy expensive! We’d never let you pay this amount for a ticket - but that is why points are AMAZING!

Bill Klein-Reed