LHR-SEA - United Polaris (Business Class)

Premium cabins out of the UK can really be a pain, mostly due to the premium cabin departure tax that adds $240+ to the taxes of a ticket. Luckily you can book around this by flying economy class to another ‘exit point’ in Europe, then travel in a premium cabin for fewer taxes.

Key Details:

Number of Travelers: 1

Point Currency: Chase Ultimate Rewards, United MileagePlus

Dates: Feb. 2019

Points Needed: 60,000 (1 way)

Feel Good Value of Ticket: $5,302

Real Value: ~$2,600

What’s a “Feel Good Value”? Feel good value is the retail value of the flights booked (as searched on Google flights at the time of booking in the class of service). Why does it feel good? Cause its crazy expensive! We’d never let you pay this amount for a ticket - but that is why points are AMAZING!