LAX-SIN - Singapore Airlines Business Class

Most credit card point programs let you book travel using points through their website. Sometimes, this is an okay value (cheap transatlantic fares for example). However, when doing this your issuer assigned a fixed value to you points ($0.01 - $0.015 per point). This means, the cost of your ticket directly correlates to the amount of points needed. Airline programs work differently.

With this booking, my clients had booked their travel before talking to me, and redeemed nearly a million points for two roundtrip business class tickets from LA to Singapore. I worked with them to get those points back, and rebook a better itinerary for 1/3 the points.

Key Details:

Number of Travelers: 2

Point Currency: American Express Membership Rewards, Singapore KrysFlyer

Dates: Feb 2019

Points Needed: 352,000 (172,000 per person)

Feel Good Value of Ticket: $10,437

Real Value: ~$4,600

What’s a “Feel Good Value”? Feel good value is the retail value of the flights booked (as searched on Google flights at the time of booking in the class of service). Why does it feel good? Cause its crazy expensive! We’d never let you pay this amount for a ticket - but that is why points are AMAZING!