W Punta de Mita, MX (Hotel Booking)

Points aren’t just for booking flights. Similar to airlines, hotels charge a flat rate of points per night at certain categories of hotels. A retail rate could be $1,400/night (as was the case here), but the points per night was still 25,000 points/night. What would have been even sweeter, was if 5 nights were available (the 5th night is free on award bookings).

Key Details

Nights: 4 nights

Point Currency: SPG (now Marriott Bonvoy

Dates: Christmas 2017

Points Needed: 100,000 (25,000/night)

Feel Good Value: $18,400 (we were upgraded to an ocean suite retailing for $4,600/night)

Real Value: ~$1,400

What’s a “Feel Good Value”? Feel good value is the retail value of the hotel booked for a cash stay. Why does it feel good? Cause its can be expensive! We’d never let you pay this amount for a stay - but that is why points are AMAZING!